Fiery XF Rip for Intec Print Technology

Fiery XF Rip for Intec Print Technology

Fiery XF for Intec

PC only

Using Fiery® XF for Intec ensures you maximise your Intec print investment by producing stunning, precise and predictable quality prints every time.

Delivering razor sharp print quality and unparalleled colour control the RIP provides advanced spot and process colour optimisation and offers industry leadingfeatures including imposition, variable data and late colour editing.

Its customisable user interface enables you to build your own easy to use workflows,creating automated digital output to streamline your print production.

Benefits of Fiery XF for Intec include:

Sharper Output
Accurate Colour
Spot Colour Control
Tweaking Colour
Ultimate colour control and the ability to make your own custom profile
Lower Running Costs 
Workflow Benefits
Time reduction 
Reduce costs




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